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Questions & Answers is a service that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. The user asks a question, waits for answers and accept single answer. You can change a question rating. To answer the question the user should first choose a question. You can use filtering, sorting and searching by question list. Also you can add an interesting question to favorites. As well as the answers, question's rating can also be changed. You will receive awards for active communication. The user receives an award, if his question is liked by other users. Such question has a high rating, was viewed or added to favorites by many users. Also the user receives an award, if his answer is liked by other users. Such answer has a high rating or was accepted.

• Ask any question to a friend, your followers, or the gloab community
• Answer questions about yourself and share your thoughts with the world
• Follow people you care about to create a personalized feed
• Go beyond your friends and family and connect with a global community of curious people
• Get to know your city by asking questions to people nearby
• Tell a unique and authentic story through your questions and answers
• Never get bored – you never know what someone will ask you!